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Importance of a Boiler Service

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Do you know the leading cause of boiler breakdowns? Surprisingly, it’s not because of broken or faulty units but rather the build-up of unclean water in your heating system. If you’ll ask anybody, this is something that they don’t want to experience when winter kicks in!  If you want to ensure the maximum capacity and

How to keep my boiler in good working order through the summer

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When the balmy weather kicks in, boilers rarely take the limelight in the households of the UK. More than often, homeowners treat boilers like seasonal devices. Switching it off and forgetting about it is perhaps the very first thing they would do, then a pronounced reduction in electricity bills would be noticed thereafter.  The cutback

What is a system boiler?

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When looking at different types of boiler systems for your home, you may come across the ‘system’ boiler. This kind of boiler heats your house directly with a system that is built inside the boiler, and the hot water comes from a water cylinder which is external. Because of the water cylinder, there is no

Yearly boiler maintenance: what you need to know

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Is it that time already? The annual boiler service may seem like a wasted expense when it comes around – I mean, it’s been running perfectly up until this point hasn’t it? In fact, yearly boiler maintenance is crucial and can have a big impact on your boiler’s lifespan. What will the engineer do during

Boiler Replacement FAQs

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How will I know when to replace my boiler? If your boiler has broken down (beyond repair) or the individual components become uneconomical to replace then it’s time to have it replaced. Your CentraHeat Engineer will always be upfront and honest during their visit. How long will my replacement boiler installation take? We’ll always do

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