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Getting The Best Boiler Service

Man fixing the boiler

Central heating systems are powered by boilers. You want to keep your home warm, and your toes happy, when your furnace is healthy, safe, and running efficiently!

The maintenance of your heating system is, therefore, crucial to its longevity. This article aims to answer all your questions about getting your boiler serviced – from what you should expect to pay and how long the process takes, to when is the best time to book your boiler service.

What is a boiler service?

An annual boiler service is similar to a regular auto maintenance visit. As part of the inspection, an expert performs safety and performance checks to ensure that the system is working properly. A registered Gas Safe engineer will assess your boiler instead of a mechanic.

Benefits of boiler service

Maintaining the efficiency and safety of your boiler is not only beneficial but also imperative. It could be the difference between life and death. Below are the reasons why:

Keep your home safe 

Gas boilers are gas appliances. To prevent potentially fatal carbon monoxide leaks, all gas appliances need to be regularly checked by a professional. The best way to protect yourself and your family from this highly toxic gas is to get an annual boiler service.

Early detection of boiler problems can prevent breakdowns

The best way to prevent a more serious problem in the future is to catch problems early. Boilers certainly fall under this category. Engineers can pinpoint and fix small problems while performing a boiler service, saving you money on more costly repairs down the road. Breakdowns of boilers are extremely inconvenient and costly, thus it is better to prevent them from happening.

Conserve energy and save money

During your boiler service, an engineer will make sure that your boiler is running at peak efficiency. Having it done saves you money and energy. Moreover, reducing your carbon footprint is the fastest way to save money and save the environment.

Landlords are required to do this

Renters should be assured that your properties are gas-safe as a landlord. For this purpose, you will need a Landlord Gas Safety Certificate, which is issued by a Gas Safe registered engineer. Get a copy of your landlord’s gas safety record as soon as possible as a tenant. You are responsible for staying safe as a homeowner.

What does a full boiler service include?

An engineer from Gas Safe will come equipped with a long list of steps needed for servicing your boiler. They are very thorough, and before they leave, they will make sure that your boiler is operating at peak efficiency. They’ll perform the following checks and procedures:

  • Your engineer will examine for any signs of damage, corrosion, or leaks both externally and internally. They will also check the flame at this point.
  • Inspection of the electric controls and safety devices – after removing the casing, they will be checked to make sure they are operating correctly.
  • Check the flue pipe running from your boiler to the outside of your house for obstructions and leaks. It will also be checked that it was installed safely by the engineer.
  • A gas pressure check will ensure that your boiler consumes the right amount of gas and operates at its best.
  • An engineer will also do numerous small checks and tests – such as checking the heating controls and safety devices as well as testing the ventilation, the wiring, pilot burner, and checking the seals. An after-service report will be given to you after he has recorded each one. Keep it in a safe place so you can turn to it if you have problems, or if you wish to retain your warranty.

As a result of the inspection and safety tests, the boiler is ready for use, and the front casing has been replaced. Inspect it after starting it up and letting it cool down. Boilers can be influenced by their model and brand. An engineer registered with Gas Safe comes to your house within 30 to 60 minutes to do thorough boiler maintenance.

When does a new boiler need its first service?

The standard warranty for boilers is five years. Some boiler companies may offer warranty terms of 10 years or more. Maintaining your boiler regularly will ensure that your warranty remains valid for the full period.

The manufacturer can confirm your boiler’s warranty if you haven’t performed your annual boiler service. Your warranty may be valid if they find a way to ensure it. You can also set up a standing order with a service provider if you know you’re likely to forget to book an appointment.

What is the recommended frequency of boiler maintenance?

In most cases, your first boiler service is required 12 months after installation, so it’s covered by your warranty. Afterwards, annual servicing is recommended.

To prevent new problems from arising, such as gas leaks, your boiler needs to be regularly serviced. It’s known as the ‘silent killer,’ because humans can’t detect it. It is important to have regular boiler service to ensure there are no problems. Carbon monoxide detectors should be installed in every household.

How much does it cost to service a boiler?

Your boiler’s brand and model determine how often you should clean it. It is possible to find a standard boiler that costs around £50 to £80, but a high-efficiency boiler could cost up to £1601.

It may be cheaper to have your boiler serviced during the summer or early autumn when engineers aren’t as busy. If you want this done, why not give a few local companies a call some time this summer? During the winter months, you’ll have confidence knowing your boiler will work without requiring costly emergency repairs.


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