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If you live in colder climates, a heating system is an essential piece of equipment that you should have. You would not want to come unprepared during the winter months, and you need to endure the freezing temperatures coiled up in layers of jackets and blankets to keep your body warm. While you may take for granted that the heating system will always be there to work, it does not work that way. Often, people forget to check and maintain the system resulting in neglect and hours of service during the winter cold.

Just like any other machine, heating systems need maintenance to work correctly during the winter season. Now that you are aware of this, the question now is how frequent should it be maintained to ensure you live a comfortable life during winter?

How Often Should A Heating System Be Serviced?

There is no cookie-cutter answer to this. Several factors need to be considered to provide an informed, holistic and directed response. These factors include the size of your house, the region you are located in, the heating system you have, and the physical environment or community where your home is located.

In terms of your house size, if it is huge and has inadequate thermal insulation capacity, the heating system would have to work twice as hard to meet this demanding job. In this case, maintenance needs to be done regularly. The most optimal is semi-annually to ensure that everything works properly and spare parts are available. Typically, big companies with heater system services are more suited and capable of this.

Meanwhile, if you live in colder regions with extreme weather conditions, heaters are necessary. If you live in these two setups, you need to be diligent in your heating system’s maintenance. You will need to service it quite often to ensure that it is prepared and maintain the demanding job of regulating the temperature under extreme, fluctuating conditions. Do not think twice about spending money on excellent services, or else you might be chirping for hours on much worse days weathering the cold weather.

However, if your house is modest and has proper insulation, then the heater does not need to work hard. Space provides the heat required along with other portable devices which can give off the heat. Under this condition, you can have the heater system serviced once a year. You can decide which time of the year is ideal for you to have it checked. But ideally, it would be best to do it in late spring to ensure that your home is warm and cosy.

These are just recommendations. Suppose you want to feel secure and ensure that you will not be caught unprepared. In that case, you can have it checked as many as you want or, better consult a service provider to conduct an inspection and ask for concrete steps in maintaining, cleaning and ensuring it will work when you need it.

But apart from the apparent reason for providing warmth in the winter season, what is the fuss about maintaining heating systems, and why are they important?

  1. Keeping the cost at a bare minimum

Being proactive is better than being reactive. Having the system checked regularly will help you spot problems before it even becomes big. This will save you a lot from all the major repairs and much worse buying a new heating system. You can better manage your expenses, project and be prepared for anything. The same goes for your family’s health. Enduring cold weather can put huge stress on their physical health. Ensuring the system is functional will save you from emergency hospital cases due to hypothermia.

  1. Avoid carbon monoxide

Heating systems, if left uncleaned, will produce small amounts of carbon monoxide. This is colourless and detrimental to your health if inhaled. The most dangerous part of this is it does not have a distinct smell. It will circulate in your house undetected. Prolonged exposure to this is fatal and can lead to chronic illnesses. Cleaning the heating system helps you eradicate this, giving fresh, comfortable air during the winter season.

  1. Cleaner Air

Carbon monoxide is not just the only air pollutant in the heating system. Moulds, fungi, bacteria also create their colonies in the air vents. They may not be as lethal as carbon monoxide but are equally dangerous to health under prolonged exposure. It can cause continuous allergy, common cold, and other respiratory illnesses. Maintenance flushes all of these out of the system, providing a better experience.

  1. Less hassle

No one wants to be inconvenienced by a faulty heater. It is both physically and mentally draining as your body is pushed to its normal limits to maintain body temperature during the cold season. Be diligent as much as possible to avoid these problems.

How much does maintenance cost?

There is no definite answer to this. It is multifactorial and depends on the size of your house, its location, and the scope of work required for the system. For huge homes with four bedrooms and more, repairs and maintenance on radiators and pipework would be intensive. On average, the cost ranges from £3000 to £6,000.

The cost of repairs can go up depending on the specifics of the damage and updating needed.

A general rule of thumb is that it depends on the situation. The best thing to do is have the company look at your heating system and let them quote for you. Typically, they offer these services in packages. You can have a discount and enjoy free perks from them.

Undeniably, heater systems are an essential part of your home, especially if you live in a region where winter is part of the climate. Thinking twice about repairs and trying to be frugal about it by availing of unverified service providers can cost you a lot during the winter. It is essential to have an expert hand to help you take care of this. The frequency is something that you can negotiate with them.

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