Are Your Boilers Hydrogen-Ready + How Do They Work?

Many industries are looking for ways to reduce their carbon footprint to reduce greenhouse gas emissions due to global efforts to reduce greenhouse gas emissions. The hydrogen boiler is still in its infancy, but it does show signs of promise and has the potential to minimise boiler emissions. Discover more about hydrogen boilers and whether they’re a viable home heating alternative.

What Are Hydrogen-Ready Boilers?

A hydrogen-ready boiler consists of a gas-fired heating unit that can burn either natural gas or pure hydrogen (100%). Hydrogen-ready boilers facilitate the conversion of natural gas, primarily methane, to hydrogen for distribution networks.

A hydrogen fuel cell provides zero carbon dioxide emissions when it is burned and provides carbon-free energy when it is used. Electricity is produced by combining water with electricity or using natural gas to capture and store the carbon from the atmosphere.

A hydrogen-ready boiler could be the future of UK heating, developed in response to global climate change. These boilers use hydrogen gas to produce heat, making them more eco-friendly using the same gas network.

Hydrogen-Ready Boiler vs Hydrogen Boiler

A hydrogen boiler is exactly what it sounds like: it burns hydrogen instead of natural gas. It operates similarly to natural gas boilers, which use combustion to burn the gas, resulting in hot flue gases for heating water. This heated water can be stored and circulated throughout your home’s radiators.

Unlike a hydrogen boiler, hydrogen-ready boilers burn both natural gas and hydrogen. This means your gas boiler won’t need to be replaced when the UK switches from methane to hydrogen. Research and development are underway. It’s expected to serve as a method for supporting decarbonisation efforts.

What Makes a Boiler Hydrogen-Ready?

Here are some of the factors that make a boiler hydrogen-ready.

  •   Can burn hydrogen as well as natural gas to generate heat
  •   Designed similarly to gas boilers. Most of their features, construction and functions are similar to gas boilers, except for the modified flame detector.
  •   A few parts can be modified to run on 100% hydrogen. It’s essential to note that the prototype for a fully hydrogen-ready boiler is still in its early stages.


Want to know the benefits of hydrogen boiler vs heat pump options? Hydrogen-ready boilers are expected to reduce carbon emissions, indicating their potential as a great home heating alternative. Centraheat can assist you with choosing the right home heating system. Contact our team to know more.

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