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The provision of a working boiler is required for a rental property. It is important to note, however, that many landlords do not realize they can be prosecuted for renting out such properties and could be fined up to £30,000 for this. This is because the Gas Safety (Installation and Use) Regulations specify that landlords must ensure that all gas appliances are working properly and are in good condition at all times.

Furthermore, it is a legal requirement that your landlord fixes your broken boiler. The landlord is legally obligated to resolve your broken boiler within a specified timeframe not just as a legal requirement, but also as a legal requirement. Among other things, the Landlord and Tenant Act in 1985 were adopted to make sure that landlords are held accountable for this. It states in Article 11 of the Landlord and Tenant Act 1985 that your landlord must carry out repairs within a reasonable amount of time. If the repair is an emergency, like not having heat or hot water, your landlord should be able to fix it within 24 hours.

A broken boiler in a rented home is a tenant’s responsibility

If you are a tenant who lives in a property that provides heating and hot water, your landlord is responsible for repairing and maintaining the heating system. In the contract you signed regarding your tenancy, the timeframe for making repairs will be explained. The landlord should pay compensation if they take longer than the stipulated time to fix the problem. If you or a member of your family becomes ill as a result of no heating, then you can file a claim.

Do you have any obligations as a tenant?

The first thing that you need to know about boiler and heating system disrepair, and compensation for heating failure, is that you have certain obligations that you must meet if your heating system is faulty.

Tenants are expected to complete minor maintenance themselves. A water-based central heating system, for example, can be bled by bleeding its radiators. It is up to the tenant to inform their landlord of any major maintenance or repair needs promptly when it comes to major work.

Boiler and heating repairs: types commonly encountered

In the case of heating not working and the tenant claiming compensation, even if you have been without hot water for 3 days, if it hasn’t gone beyond the time limit your landlord has set, then you won’t have a reason to claim compensation. Depending on the type of problem you have with your boiler will affect the length of time it takes to repair it. Common heating problems include:

  • A leak has developed in one of the pipes entering or leaving the boiler.
  • Some strange noises have begun coming from the boiler, such as banging or creaking.
  • Despite turning on long before the water is hot, the boiler keeps shutting off.
  • There is no hot water and the heating does not work because there is no hot water.

When a heating system fails to get repaired, what steps should you take?

When you move into a rented property with an existing heater or one that has been installed since you moved in, you have a right to adequate heating. If necessary, your landlord should resolve heating problems within a reasonable period. The steps below will guide you towards making a compensation claim for heating deficiency once a few days have passed since your landlord failed to make repairs.

  • Send your landlord a letter and let him know that the heating is faulty again. Ask him or her to inform you of when the heating will be fixed.
  • You should send a second letter in case the first was lost after you sent it. If you don’t get a response to the first letter, send a second letter.
  • You should start making other arrangements if you don’t receive a response to the second letter. It is possible to contact your local Environmental Health Department to make a complaint. A landlord can deny their responsibility to repair. As an example, the Environment Health Department would not get involved if you said you broke the heating system.
  • Your next step is to seek compensation from your landlord for failing to repair your heating system or hot water. A settlement can usually be reached without going to court. However, it is not uncommon for a court decision to be made about your claim after you go to court.

What Our Team Can Do To Support Tenant Claims Against Landlords

Would you like to know ‘Is there a way I can claim compensation for my faulty heating system or boiler? Do you think you are ready to file a claim for compensation against your landlord for not repairing your broken heating or hot water system? If yes, you are looking at the right team to support you throughout your legal battle.

It has been CentraHeat‘s practice for many years to successfully win compensation for our clients across a wide range of different compensation claims. Let us assist you in your compensation claim.

A member of our team will connect you with a solicitor who will handle your claim on your behalf. Our staff will always be available to answer your questions and keep you up to date on the progress of your claim.

We can help you to file a claim for heating disrepair against your landlord by calling CentraHeat on the numbers and contact details provided by our team. Please contact us to receive some free legal advice on how to proceed once we have a little more information about your claim.

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