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What’s the best boiler system for you?


The boiler system is one of the key components of any property. It not only provides hot water but also helps heat the home too. This is crucial all year round but especially vital when winter sets in! If your old boiler is past repair or you simply fancy a new one, you may be struggling with picking the best boiler type to have. To make it all a bit easier, we have rounded up the most common below.

Combi boiler

This type of boiler works directly from the mains supply on demand and therefore does not need a separate hot water tank. This makes it more convenient and means you always have hot water to use. This type of boiler is ideal for small to medium-sized properties where storage space is limited. They are also best for homes which only have one bathroom, thus removing the need for simultaneous hot water usage.

Conventional boiler

This sort of boiler needs a hot water cylinder and a cold water feed tank in your loft to work. As such, it is better for larger homes with lots of storage space. These boilers are also better for bigger homes with more than one bathroom. As the water is drawn from a cylinder, it means that multiple showers or baths can be used at the same time without pressure dropping.

System boiler

In many ways, this is like a conventional boiler and has all the benefits they deliver. The major difference with a system boiler is that it does not need a cold water tank to be installed in your home. This means they take up less space and could be suitable for smaller properties. This sort of boiler can also be good for homes with low water pressure.

Choose the right boiler for your circumstances

At the end of the day, you need to choose the boiler which suits your own circumstances. This will ensure you get the most benefit from it and have the most efficient boiler to use. Key factors to take into account are how much storage space your home has and also whether you will need to use hot water in more than one room. You should also think about how much hot water you use as this will affect the size of the boiler you need. Homes that use lots of hot water, for example, maybe better with a larger conventional or system type boiler.

For more advice on the best boiler to have installed, call CentraHeat Heating and Plumbing Ltd on 01793 878 636. With a combined 70 years of experience in the sector, we can not only help you find the best boiler to use but also fit it for you too.

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