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Popular bathroom trends in 2019


If there’s one room in the house where people say, “Oh, we really need to get that done,” but is often left until last then it’s the bathroom. In fact, the bathroom is one of the most important rooms in the house. A well-designed bathroom or kitchen can make your home life more pleasurable, plus make your house more attractive to potential buyers.

Are you thinking of a bathroom revamp? Of course, everyone will have their personal tastes and style preferences, but to get those creative juices flowing, here are some bathroom trends we’ve noticed in 2019.

Floating toilets

There was a time when you’d only see floating toilets in modern homes or more upmarket establishments, but as our daily lives are all rush, rush, rush, it seems that people are naturally gravitating towards more simplistic décor. Not only does a wall-mounted toilet give that wow-factor, but it is extremely practical too. Think less awkward places to collect dust, plus you can easily swipe a mop underneath it.

Rustic and industrial

There’s nothing more satisfying than seeing natural wood interlocked with an industrial fitting. It’s almost like old-meets-new and shouldn’t cost you a fortune either. This can be used to create shelves for bathroom essentials or you could even build a frame from natural wood for your bathroom basin to sit in. Whatever you decide, this rustic and industrial style will give your bathroom a strong and warming feel.

Wallpaper in the bathroom?

Yes, wallpaper is more commonly associated with the drier areas of our home – for obvious reasons! But with the advancement in materials and printing techniques, we can now have our favourite art deco design or crazy colourful pattern in the bathroom. With a whole host of designs on offer, no wonder it has proved a popular choice in 2019.

If your bathroom is in need of a bit of TLC, please don’t hesitate to contact a member of our team at Centraheat Heating and Plumbing Services.

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