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What to do when your Boiler Breaks

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What could be worse than finding yourself without heating and hot water this winter? Possibly not knowing what to do about it? Fortunately, if you’re in this part of Wiltshire, you can call us. We provide a Swindon boiler service.

But first things first. If you’re boiler breaks down, DON’T try and fix it yourself. It can be very dangerous and you could well invalidate your warranty. Turn off the appliance and call a gas engineer.

If you have a warranty, call the boiler manufacturer you took it out with. Enlisting the service of other boiler engineers will compromise the warranty. If you don’t have one or it’s expired, make sure you call a Gas Safe Registered engineer.

In either case, check before you call whether your boiler is displaying an error number on a digital screen. If it does, note down the number then switch off the boiler. Make a note of the boiler’s make and model number also, before you make the call.

The engineer will take you through any obvious steps that might rectify the problem or they will confirm what they think is wrong. If your boiler requires a replacement part, always ask the engineer for a quote on parts and labour before agreeing to the repair work. Boiler part replacements can prove expensive.

A broken boiler can cause major disruption in your home, but you can take some measures to reduce the risk of breakdown. Best is to keep your boiler in good condition by having it serviced regularly by a professional engineer. A service will not only ensure that your boiler is in good working order, but also that it’s operating to maximum efficiency, saving you money on future energy bills. An annual service will pick up most common problems and include potentially life-saving tests on emissions and air pressure.

We offer full service and maintenance, providing necessary legal paperwork and peace of mind. Our Swindon boiler service will even notify you every year when your boiler is due for its check-up.

Remember, if your boiler is old, you should consider replacing it. There are some cost-effective 10 year warranty deals offered by manufacturers, which would protect you from repair bills for the next 10 years. And it could prove cheaper in the long run than constantly repairing an existing older boiler.

Don’t forget you can contact us if you’re in need of a Swindon boiler service.

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