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What Happens During A Boiler Service?

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Having your boiler serviced is an essential service that many homeowners neglect to get done. If you don’t have it serviced, you risk your boiler breaking down, meaning the loss of hot water in your home. This is something nobody wants, so make sure you have a yearly boiler service.

Here’s what happens when your boiler is serviced.

Step one: Protecting your home

The engineer that comes to your home will lay down floor coverings and use other protective measures, to ensure that your home remains clean throughout the procedure.

Step two: Visual check

The engineer will then perform a visual check on your boiler. This will include checking that the boiler, pipework and flue are all positioned correctly. A check for correct ventilation will also be carried out.

Step three: Checking the boiler is working safely

At this point, the engineer will take off the boiler casing to get a good look at how it’s working internally.

They will be looking for:

– Correct gas pressure and flow.

– Correct flue and combustion operation. They may check that your boiler is using the correct combination of gas and air to work.

– Electrical connections. They need to make sure that they’re clean and in good operation.

– Fans and other components are working correctly.

– That seals are intact.

– Electrodes are in good condition.

– Safety devices are checked to ensure they’re still in good working condition.

– That the condensate trap and pipe are not blocked and working correctly.

Step four: Safety checks

The engineer will then carry out the boiler service routine safety checks, to ensure that your boiler is up to standard and still safe to use in your home.

Step five: Reporting back

The engineer will then tell you what they have found. They may find that the boiler is still

working as intended. If it isn’t though, they’ll tell you what they found and why it needs to be repaired. If you have a service plan, these repairs may not cost you anything to do.

Why it’s important to get your boiler serviced

It’s important to keep any appliances in your home well maintained, and that goes double for your boiler. It handles all the hot water in your home, and going without it, even for a short time, is a major inconvenience.

As well as this, you need to ensure that the boiler still is working safely as it uses gas. If any issues occur with the boiler and you don’t have it serviced, then it could cause some real damage.

If you want to set up a yearly boiler service, then call us at Centraheat Heating And Plumbing. We can happily send out an engineer to inspect your boiler and make sure it’s up to standard.

We have 70 years of experience between us and are fully accredited and insured. We take good care of every home we enter, and we’re proud of our workmanship. Get in touch for a quote, and you’ll be happily surprised by what we can offer you.

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