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Have a noisy boiler? Here is how to fix the issue yourself before calling out a plumber

If you are finding that your boiler is being noisy, don’t ignore it, it’s more than likely a sign that it is in need of maintenance, a repair, or that it needs to be replaced.

Usually with a boiler the obscure noises it makes are a result of something called “kettling”. This is caused by a build-up of lime scale in the boiler’s heat exchanger. However, it could be a number of other reasons such as low water pressure, frozen pipes, or the water pump is not working to full effect.

If you are looking to fix the problem yourself before calling out a plumber, here are some tips for what you can do:

Turn down your thermostat

The noise could be caused by a faulty thermostat or it may be set too high so turning it down may get rid of the noise. This means that the rooms will not be as warm as a result, but could be used as a good compromise.

Check the water flow to the boiler

On many occasions, poor water pressure causes the noises from the boiler. The first step to see if this is the problem is to check the feed and expansion tank. The problem may be that your float valve is causing the issue so make sure that it isn’t stuck on anything. If it is stuck, move it around using the metal arm to free it.

Another thing that could cause issues with the water flow and should be checked, is if the safety vent pipe has been installed properly. If this is the problem, do not try to fix it if you are unsure, call out an emergency plumber.

De-scale your heating system

If you believe that the issue is caused by a build-up of limescale, then you can try to use a chemical agent to de-scale the water system. The process to do this is to firstly shut down the system, then add the agent into the feed and expansion tank, then leave it to work for several days. You finally flush the system completely out and refill it with ordinary water. A de-scaler to use for this can be found in most DIY stores or in a plumber’s merchant.

If you have any reservations regarding trying to fix the problem, don’t risk it – get a plumber in.

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