Top Tips To Make Your Home Warm This Winter


Winter is fast approaching and although we enjoy the cold weather, we don’t want to come home to a freezing abode after work and sleep in the darker and colder evenings this winter season. There are many ways to keep your home warm and comfy without ramping up your heating bills.

Here are some:

1. Rearrange the furniture

Never place your furniture in front of the radiator as it will block the heat it’s providing the room. Rearrange them and put them away so you can experience it’s maximum effect.

2. Open the doors

There are certain doors that can help in warming your home when they are left open. You can use the leftover heat from the oven by leaving its door open. Not only will it make the room comfy by spreading the heat but it will also make your home smell like your newly baked goodies. Just make sure the oven is turned off.

3. Check your heating system

Before the winter season begins, it’s best to check your heating system to ensure it’s in a good condition. You don’t want to be caught up when you find out it doesn’t work as efficiently and you’ll have to suffer in the cold whilst it’s being repaired.

4. Block the gaps

Gaps under doors and windows that can’t be shut properly are the biggest contributor of cold air in your home and the best way to block it is to use draught stopper. You can easily make your own by filling old teddies with socks or buy a draft excluder from your local store. This is a sure way to save money on energy cost.

5. Cap your chimney

Trap the heat from your fireplace by sealing the chimney. Open fireplaces can be useless as the heat will just go out of the house.  Cap your chimney using a chimney balloon to keep your home warm and cosy.

6. Shut the curtains

You can take advantage of the free sunlight by keeping your curtains open during the day. Once the sun is down, shut them to trap the heat inside your home. Invest in thermal curtains especially during the winter months. It will keep you warm and cosy without breaking the bank.

7. Get a
new boiler

This year might be the time for you to consider getting a new boiler. A 10-year old boiler might not be as efficient than more recently improved boiler designs. You can talk with Centraheat today and find out the best boiler for you.
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