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Benefits Of Good Quality Water


Humans can endure a month with no food but can barely survive a week without water. This clear, odourless and tasteless substance is essential for all living organisms. It has, not only, several health benefits but also lots of advantages and uses in your daily life.

Check out the list below to know more about the top benefits of clean water.

Maintains good health

A human body is approximately 70% water. Your cells, tissues and organs need it to maintain proper functions. However, it’s important to ensure that the water you and your family are consuming is clean to avoid harmful impurities like bacteria and lead that causes life-threatening diarrhoea and waterborne illnesses.

Clean water reduces headaches, helps with digestion, increases mental alertness, reduces the risk of dehydration, helps with weight loss, helps clear kidneys, maintains healthy body fluid, replenishes skin tissue, helps to avoid constipation, has anti-ageing benefits, flushes out body wastes and toxins, helps increase your energy, serves as a transport for nutrients to your body, helps maintain normal bowel movement and regulates normal body temperature.

Better tasting food

Did you ever experience making your usual coffee in the morning but it tasted different because the water you used was not filtered? Food prepared with clean water tastes better.

Improved skin and hair

Bad water can also damage your physical health. It can dry out your hair and can cause skin allergies. Avoid these by making sure you maintain good quality water in your home.

Clean laundry

Studies revealed that treated water also benefits to your laundry. It makes your coloured clothes brighter and makes your whites look like you just bought them. Additionally, clean water can help you save energy since you don’t have to run your washing machine in hot water (which requires 40ºF more than cold water), to make sure your clothes are clean and the stains are removed. Furthermore, you’ll also need less detergent for your laundry and dishes.

If your water tastes bad, smells gross and doesn’t lather when mixed with soap, do not hesitate to reach out to CentraHeat. We make sure to carry out detailed assessment of your property, provide maintenance programmes and execute full system disinfection to your home. Take care of your family’s health and maintain a clean and better home by making sure your water is clean. Give us a call on 01793 878 636 or email us through
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