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Boiler Repair: Common Causes of Boiler Failure at Home


Homeowners who have experienced this can attest to how stressful and traumatic a boiler breakdown can be, especially in the middle of winter. Typically a boiler failure happens as an unexpected emergency. However, boiler repair experts say that such an unfortunate incident can be avoided if homeowners become vigilant about the following red flags.

Old boilers

A high-quality boiler that has been properly and regularly maintained can serve your household for a significantly long time. This could be anywhere from 10 to 20 years. But it is important to note that extremely old boilers will unsurprisingly be more vulnerable to various malfunction issues and are far less energy efficient compared to newer boiler models. If your current boiler has been with you for at least a decade, it is highly recommended that you call a boiler service company for a maintenance check and to see if it is time to get a new one.

Unaddressed water leakage

Periodically inspecting your boiler to see if there are existing water leaks due to cracks, loose seals and joints, or a broken pressure relief valve. Corrosion can also be the culprit behind the problematic water leaks in your boiler. Never ignore signs of a possible water leak in your boiler as this can lead to rusting of vital boiler parts or risks of an electrical short circuit. Do not attempt to repair your own boiler in this situation as it can be dangerous.

Heavy amount of lime scale deposits

Lime scale is the white, chalk-like deposits found in kettles or boilers. When ignored and left to pile up inside your boiler, this can block the regular flow of water into the pipes and will be turned into steam, a serious boiler issue called kettling by boiler repair experts.

Poorly maintained boiler

Boilers require regular checkup and maintenance from experienced boiler technicians who are knowledgeable and who will inspect your boiler with an expert’s eye. This will not only help identify possible boiler problems immediately but will result in keeping your boiler in excellent condition for a long time as well. It is highly advisable to schedule an annual boiler maintenance way before the winter season arrives to ensure the safety of your home and your entire family and lower the risk of boiler emergency throughout the year.

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