Quick fixes for your plumbing needs

Whether it’s unblocking a sink, bleeding radiators or replacing a showerhead, it’s as well to know some plumbing quick fixes. They could save you a lot of inconvenience and possibly problems further down the line.

Of course, if you’re local and you need aQuick fixes for your plumbing needs, do call us. We’re ready to help you out.

Probably the most common plumbing issue that can be fixed quickly is a dripping tap. Here’s what you need to do.

Firstly, you’ll need to turn off the water supply to the sink. Then remove the screw that sits under the decorative hot/cold tap cap or under the hot and cold indicator on single lever taps. Best wedge the plug into the plughole beforehand to prevent losing the screw down the drain. Now unscrew the caps by hand or carefully with a slot-head screwdriver.

Now remove the tap head (the bit you turn). If there’s a metal cover that protects the valve around the neck of the tap, remove this too. Lay out the pieces in the order that you removed them to make it easier to reassemble.

Your tap will have either a ceramic dish or a washer that will need to be replaced. If your tap turns a quarter or half turn, it’s likely to be the ceramic type. If it turns further, it‘ll be fitted with a washer.

Remove the tap’s metal shroud and you will see the valve. Turn the valve with an adjustable spanner, loosen and remove. If you have a ceramic disc, replace it with a new cartridge; if a washer, unscrew or slide the washer off and insert a new one. Replace the valve, tighten it, and reassemble the tap.

If you’re having problems and you need a Swindon plumber, call us for professional assistance.

If the tap’s still leaking and you have the traditional washer type tap, you need to check the O-ring, a bigger washer at the bottom of the tap spout. You will need to unscrew the grub screw at the base of the spout and carefully lift it off to see the O-ring sitting at the base. If it appears worn, it can be loosened and slid off using a flat-head screwdriver or snipped off using scissors. Roll on a new O-ring and then reattach the spout, securing with the grub screw.

Again, if you’d rather get in a professional Swindon plumber, do give us a call.

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