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When would you need an Emergency Plumber

Water overflows or leaks can cause considerable damage in the home and in record time. The damage done can be expensive as well as irreparable in the case of your valued personal possessions. And then there’s the mess…

Know that you can call us if you need an emergency plumber in Swindon. Meantime, here’s a few warning signs you can look out for:

Frozen pipes

Restricted flow from your taps or none at all can indicate a problem in your home’s water supply. A frozen or partially frozen pipe is the likely cause in winter. Act quickly. Any delays and the pipe may become fully frozen or even burst before you’re able to fix the problem. Call a professional plumber experienced in tracking down blockages. If you find the blockage yourself, be warned not to try heating the pipe to get the water flowing again. A plumber will know how to defrost the pipes and insulate them to avoid future incidents.

Busted pipe

You could be looking at a major amount of water pouring into your home, depending on what pipe in your home has busted, and where. Call a plumber immediately and clear the flooding area to minimise the damage while you’re waiting. Attempting to make good the repair yourself could result in further damage.

Drain blockage

If water backs up and lingers in the sink (and in some cases, make some noise before it drains completely), it’s likely that a clog is building in your drain. It might be a minor problem to start with, but there’s no telling if it’s going to clog totally and cause an overflow. You might be able to alleviate the blockage yourself, but a professional plumber will know the most likely spots a clogs will occur and will have the proper tools to remedy the blockage. Call us if you need an emergency plumber in Swindon.

Blocked toilet

The water will swirl around in the bowl but not flush. The water level may stay the same or rise if the clog is serious. Continuing to flush may cause the bowl to overflow and you will have a major mess on your hands. The problem may be a blockage in the drain, but there are other possible causes. Prevent the damage from getting any worse by calling a qualified plumber. If you need an emergency plumber in Swindon, know that you can call us.

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