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Importance of a Boiler Service


Do you know the leading cause of boiler breakdowns? Surprisingly, it’s not because of broken or faulty units but rather the build-up of unclean water in your heating system. If you’ll ask anybody, this is something that they don’t want to experience when winter kicks in! 

If you want to ensure the maximum capacity and efficiency of your boiler and reduce the risk of experiencing a breakdown, having it checked regularly is something that should be a priority This is where boiler service comes to mind. 

Aside from allowing your boiler to perform better and keep it in good working condition, a boiler service will help prevent issues that may not be addressed on a regular boiler maintenance schedule and perhaps, even increase its lifespan. 

No matter how new or old your boiler is, issues are likely to occur, especially if you are not diligently booking it for a regular boiler service. Taking care of it is very important and should never be overlooked. Here are just some of the reasons why you should call on your local heating and plumbing specialists to routinely examine your boiler. 

Save money on costly boiler repairs. We all know that boiler repairs don’t come cheap but if you schedule it for a regular boiler service and make sure it is working fine, you can help to prevent your boiler from malfunctioning or having a breakdown. A regular boiler service can catch any small issues early on hopefully, before they can cause any serious damage. These small issues, no matter how unremarkable, can bring about significant damage and significant loss to your pocket. 

More economical than replacing your faulty boiler. Since regular boiler service is able to detect small issues before they get worse, once discovered, these issues can be addressed, fixed and most of the time remedied on the spot by a qualified boiler specialists. A regularly maintained boiler will likely have considerable longevity. Untimely disruptions can also be prevented, which means you can keep your money and spend it on things you love! 

Ensure your safety and the safety of those you love. The boiler engineer will perform numerous tests on your boiler. These inspections and tests are important when it comes to saving countless lives. 

A considerable number of people have died due to unintentional carbon monoxide poisoning and most of these deaths occur during the cold months when heating and boiler systems are operating actively. 

One of the reasons for these deaths is caused by boiler leaks. Do not let this happen to you or your loved ones. Call a reliable and trusted boiler engineer in Swindon as soon as you can!

Keep you and your loved ones cosy and warm this winter. Do you want to be shivering under a blanket this winter? If not, having your boiler serviced regularly is a must!

They say that home is where the heart is, so make sure your home is capable of keeping your family life running smoothly. This is made possible by providing hot water whenever it is needed and keeping your home warm and cosy. 

It’s not only during winter when you need your boiler to work. If hot showers are part of your daily routine, you’ll need your boiler to work properly all year round. A trusted and reliable boiler specialist can help see you through winter or any other season of the year!

If you find yourself using the boiler more often, it is probably best to schedule a boiler service to keep it working efficiently and make sure that it is still safe to use.

Cut down on energy bills. If your boiler is inspected and tested regularly, it is less likely to suffer breakdowns. If so, your boiler will stay efficient and safe to use, your energy bills will be kept low and product longevity ensured. 

If you still want to cut down on energy bills, try to adjust your boiler controls or perhaps, switch to a more efficient thermostat. If applied properly, these measures can help reduce your energy bills by up to 40 per cent.

If done annually, boiler service can assure its users that their boilers are still efficient and detect faults or defects if they are present. If not detected, these defects can affect the energy usage of your boilers and it may create a huge impact on your bills. So keep your boiler running efficiently: the more efficient is it, the more money you can save over time!

Maintain insurance coverage and boiler warranties. Most insurance policies and boiler manufacturers would require boiler users to take appropriate measures to make sure that the boiler is efficient and safe to use. Boilers take a considerable amount of expense and are a potential cause of liability, so regular boiler servicing can help you adhere to your insurance policies. If you are unsure about your insurance policies, talk to your agency about it and ask what you can do to have yourself covered.    

If done regularly, a boiler service can check the working condition of the device and address any issue before it goes worse. If the boiler engineer finds something unusual, they will inform you what the issues are and take action immediately. 

Depending on the age of your boiler if you do experience any problems it may be covered under the product warranty but in order to be qualified, you need to abide by some rules. 

One requirement for meeting the product warranty is keeping a regular boiler service. If this rule is not kept, your product warranty will be considered null and void. This means that if you experience a boiler breakdown and you are not qualified to take advantage of the warranty, you may have to dole out untimely expenses on your end. 

What must be done on your end? Read the warranty card and check if it needs to meet specific inspections or services.

If you want to know more, call CentraHeat on 091793 878 636 or 07739 357 617 today! Whatever your boiler issues are, they will help you sort it out!

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