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Best time for boiler checks and repairs

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During the warmer months of the year it’s easy to overlook your boiler, when in fact, it’s the best possible time for boiler checks and repairs.

Regular inspections of boilers are not just a good idea for homeowners in the Swindon area, they are essential to ensure safety.

And just think, call in a professional plumbing and heating company now, so you can be all set and ready for when the summer whizzes past and autumn arrives.

Convenience and cost control for boiler repairs

Let’s be honest, calling out an emergency plumber when you find yourself with no hot water or heating is no one’s idea of fun.

The summer months offer a great opportunity to consider boiler repairs, or just give this essential piece of equipment a thorough overhaul.

The specialist engineers will be more readily available, and you can book the inspection or repair work at a time that best suits you. This avoids the need for days off work, for example.

Boilers are not just for winter

Lack of warmth in your house when the colder months arrive is hard to ignore, but during the summer the chances are you are relying on your boiler more than you realise.

What Swindon homeowner doesn’t love the ease of turning on a tap to create a flow of luxurious hot water for a bath or shower? Having a reliable source of warm water for washing up or laundry makes life a great deal easier too.

Why risk finding yourself boiling kettles and showering in a neighbour’s house when a visit from a professional plumbing and heating engineer buys you peace of mind.

Keeping bills down

Another reason to seriously consider having your boiler checked and improved at this time of year is that it coincides with a period when your energy bills should be at their lowest.

Invest in a professional inspection or a boiler repair in your Swindon home, and there is a good chance a more energy-efficient and properly maintained boiler will keep those bills down in the winter too!

Get your boiler right, with the right help

Now you’re fully aware of why a boiler inspection and repair makes sense in the warmer months, the next step is getting the right people to carry out the work.

Controllable cost is vital, but so is a professional firm who will carry out authentic, thorough and 100% reliable work, which is what Centraheat of Royal Wootton Bassett have a fine reputation for.

For over 15 years, Swindon homeowners have been putting boiler repairs and checks in Centraheat’s experienced hands – all year round, whatever the weather.

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