5 tips for maintaining your boiler

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When your boiler is working fine it’s easy to forget that it’s even there, with most of us not thinking about boiler servicing and maintenance unless there’s something wrong with it.

Unfortunately, this kind of approach can lead to some pretty expensive problems down the road.

In order to keep your boiler running like clockwork and keep costs to a minimum, there are a few easy steps you can take, some of which we’ll look at today:

1. Keep the surrounding area clear

A lot of boilers are located in cupboards, which means that it’s easy to fill up space around it with items such as coats, shoes, umbrellas and bags.

Bear in mind that boilers need a reasonable amount of ventilation and without that ventilation, there’s the possibility of carbon monoxide build-up that can prove fatal.

Keep boiler areas well ventilated and clear of all clutter.

2. Turn your boiler on over the summer

A lot of people are lucky enough to not need their heating on over the summer months, but it’s always worth turning your boiler on for 10 or 15 minutes every few weeks to reduce the chances of it seizing up.

Regularly running your boiler will help make sure that come winter when you need it most, it’s up to the task.

3. Maintain pressure

Over time, every boiler loses a bit of pressure, and it’s important that you keep an eye on your boiler’s pressure levels and adjust accordingly. The recommended pressure level can be found in your boiler’s instruction manual, or by asking your plumber.

4. Check for visible damage

Many times an issue with your boiler can be caught early by simply inspecting the exterior regularly.

Cracks, leaks, charring from smoke and so forth can all be signs of impending issues with your boiler. Keep an eye on the exterior of your boiler regularly and help prevent issues becoming major problems.

5. Hire a professional to maintain your boiler

Despite there being ways that you can help maintain your boiler on your own, there are certain aspects of a boiler’s maintenance where you’ll need the help of a qualified professional.

Here at CentraHeat, we have a fully trained, accredited and award-winning team of professionals who have been operating in and around the Swindon area for a combined 70 years.

With an emergency call-out policy that is in operation 24/7 and 365 days per year, Centraheat has you covered no matter what issue may arise with your boiler!

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