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What to look for in a boiler


When choosing a boiler, you need to be sure that its properties are in line with the needs of your home. You will need to consider the size of the boiler, how many people will be making use of the hot water and also if there is potential to be energy efficient. Below we’ll look through some things to consider when getting a boiler.

How much hot water will you need?

If you have multiple people living in your home then it’s more than likely that there will need to be multiple uses for hot water – and this means at the same time, too. With a system boiler, multiple taps of hot water can be used without the worry of it running out.

Consider the waiting time; if switching the hot water on and waiting for it to be heated up before you shower sounds like a hassle, then a combi boiler might be the better choice. This kind of boiler produces hot water on demand, so you’ll never have to worry about being without hot water.

How big is your home?

If you live in a small house then it makes sense that you should have a boiler that is a bit more compact – such as a combi or electric boiler. You’ll also need to consider where a water tank will be placed if needed, and this will usually require space in the loft. If you go for a system boiler then you need to be sure you have space for the water cylinder – an airing cupboard is the ideal place for this.

How can you be energy efficient?

Certain boilers are more energy efficient than others, so this may be something you’ll want to take into consideration. You’ll also want to avoid choosing a system that is oversized as this can result in wasted energy and money. Condensing boilers are an energy efficient and environmentally friendly choice as heat is recycled from the gases produced from the burning fuel.

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