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As a landlord you have a number of responsibilities towards your tenants in regard to heating, hot water and boiler maintenance.

Not only is it a legal requirement but also a moral responsibility as a faulty boiler can leak carbon monoxide, which is invisible and odourless and can be fatal.

A well-maintained boiler should remain in good working order for as long as 25 years. However, should you need to replace the boiler, at Centraheat we offer 0% finance with 10 % deposit repayable over three to ten years which will ease the financial burden a little.

But it’s not just the boiler. According to the Landlord and Tenant Act (1985), landlords are legally obliged to maintain any installations that supply water, gas, and electricity to the property, as well as any sanitation systems.

Therefore it is essential that the boiler and heating is regularly maintained and serviced. Additionally it is your responsibility as a landlord to install carbon monoxide detectors, although the tenants must ensure the batteries are replaced.

The landlord is also responsible for maintaining any other gas appliances in the property and the hot water pipes to ensure they don’t crack should the temperatures plummet unexpectedly.

On an annual basis the landlord is also responsible for ensuring the radiators are in full working order and they should bleed them if necessary. At CentraHeat we have fully qualified heating engineers that will clean and maintain your radiators saving you the trouble.

However, the only incident when the landlord is not responsible for the repairs is if the tenants themselves have damaged the systems or equipment.

The tenant also has responsibility for reporting any damage, break-down or unusual noises, and then the landlord must carry out any repairs as quickly as possible.

Why not contact the staff at Centraheat to find out about the services we offer that will ensure that your rented property is legal and safe.

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