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Signs That Your Old Plumbing Needs Replacement


When it comes to plumbing problems, your home has a way to let you know that something may be wrong. Use your senses like listening, smelling and observing are good ways to discover major problems. So it’s wise to keep an eye on your plumbing and maintain it regularly because it can be expensive to replace and even more expensive to deal with the repairs caused by water damage. If your plumbing system requires repair and maintenance every now and then, it is already time to consider replacing it. Here are a few signs that will indicate that your home’s old plumbing system may need replacement.

Slow Drains

The backed-up sink isn’t the major cause of a clog, but the absence of venting. Venting is important because it allows the pipes to drain effortlessly and commonly installed at the same time as drainage pipes, yet, some homeowners skip this step to save money. If you notice slow draining water or you experience lowered water pressure, venting pipes may work wonders on advancing the flow of water to your home.


If you see cracks in the foundation or along the walls this is already a sign of damaged pipes. This is normally caused as the mainline has a leak that was undetected. If you ignore and don’t replace the plumbing immediately and repair the damage, this may cause sinkholes to appear.

Leaky tap

A leaky tap can cost you, this kind of problem doesn’t fix itself and will only get worse if you don’t pay attention to it. But some pennies can be saved with DIY skills and replacement parts, but it might be more economical to purchase a brand new tap for you to ensure that the problem is resolved, and especially if the current tap is outdated and needs repair. Additionally, a replacement can give your bathroom or kitchen a fairly inexpensive facelift and add some value to your home.


If you notice some mould in your bathroom ceiling or walls, this could mean that water is running somewhere it shouldn’t be. It’s better if you discover the water leak early and deal with it quickly. If there are few wet spots on the walls, ceiling or floor, chances are there’s already a leak somewhere and a plumber’s help is needed.

Discoloured or smelly water

If the water from the bath or sink taps begins to have a brownish or yellowish tint or an unusual smell, this might be a sign of corrosion in the pipes. Soon every pipe rusts or corrodes. It happens when the hard water, chemically reacts with the pipe material that causes the inside of the pipe to break down. If it’s left untreated, the mineral pledge can clog pipes and build pressure inside.

If you have been noticing any of these signs in your house, it’s best to upgrade your plumbing system before it’s too late. CentraHeat  are willing to assist you with any of your plumbing needs. If you have any questions or concerns call us on 01793 878 636 or email us at to help you with your plumbing defects.

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