Plumbing Issues To Look For Before Buying A New Home


If you’re looking for a new home, it is wise to have the entire home structure inspected first, including all the plumbing issues. Remember that buying a new home is an enormous expense and investment of both money and time, so it is better to make sure that your investment is worthwhile before closing the deal.

Taps, Sinks and Toilets

To start, check all the existing taps, toilets and sinks. Turn on every tap to maximum flow and see if the water goes down the sink without any delay. The same inspection principle applies to toilets and sinks as well. If the water doesn’t drain easily from the sinks or the toilet doesn’t drain all of the water, this could be a sign that some of the drains are clogged. This could result in costly repairs, or at least a call to your local plumber to clean it out, so it’s certainly worth the time to inspect it.

Water heater

When you’re inspecting the plumbing, the condition of the water heater is one thing that you do not want to forget to check. The most important points to consider are the presence of corrosion on the water heater. If the tank is starting to corrode, that means it’s time for a new water heater. As for the age, you can usually check this by the help of the manufacturer with the serial number and the model number.

Furthermore, you should also check if the size of it can meet all of your family’s hot water needs. An experienced plumber can help you determine whether the water heater is enough or not for your family.

Water meter and supply

The next step in your inspection should be to check the water meter. Inspecting it can help you detect the presence of hidden leaks in the plumbing system. Start by turning off each of the taps and then look at the water meter. The water meter should have stopped. But if the meter is still turning, this is an indication that there’s a leak somewhere in the plumbing system.

After you inspect the water meter, you also need to look at the main stop cock. Close the valve fully and then try to turn on some of the taps in the home. If the water still comes out, then you might have an issue. In addition to the main stop cock valve for the home, you also need to check any other valves that control the flow of water to other fixtures like shower, kitchen taps and toilet, making sure that they are all working correctly.

Sewer line

Inspecting the condition of the main sewer drain is essential. If the property that you want to purchase is older, the sewer line could have tree roots growing into it and there’s the possibility that the sewer drain is starting to deteriorate. This is a problem that can be hard to determine by just running water and flushing your toilets, so we suggest that you should get a professional plumber to perform a camera inspection.

If you don’t wish your dream home to turn into a nightmare, have it inspected by a skilled and licensed plumber before buying it. The guys at CentraHeat can perform the entire plumbing inspection so that you can rest assured to not have buyer’s guilt over your purchase. Plus, we also offer water treatment and boiler repair. Send us an email at or give us a call on 01793 878 636 for more information about our services.

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