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At the end of a very exhausting day, it feels good to know that you have a home where you can rest and relax. One of the best things you can do to escape the rigours of life or collect your thoughts in peace is to take a relaxing shower or bath.

With this in mind, have you asked yourself if you are getting the most out of your bathroom? Is it finished according to your liking? Does it have enough storage? Are your tiles slowly falling off and giving you more stress? Does the colour scheme come from the previous homeowner and do you want to change it?

The bathroom is part of your everyday life and you deserve to have a truly relaxing experience no matter what. Whether you are planning to move to another house because you don’t like the bathroom you currently have or you are planning to improve it, here are some tips on how you can transform your bathroom into a place of tranquillity.

How to create the ultimate tranquil space to relax in with a new bathroom

Set the mood with a colour scheme. Before you decide to make any changes, choose a colour scheme that will evoke a sense of relaxation.

Different colours have certain effects on our mood. Take for instance the colour red. It invokes romance and passion. Yellow can stimulate your creativity and humour.

Among all colours, blue is perhaps the most relaxing. The colour is present in the deep blue sea or the daytime sky and invokes a sense of serenity. Studies have shown that blue can help lower body temperature and heart rate.

It is important to choose the right colour scheme for your bathroom. You can choose blue or neutral shades as the dominant colour in your bathroom.

Neutral shades like soft brown, grey, cream and white can help you achieve the perfect mood. You can combine it with your preferred dominant colour to achieve a stunning finish.

As much as possible, keep it simple. You can go for the minimalist approach to avoid overstimulating your senses.

Add a touch of life in your bathroom. A lot of bathrooms seem boring and lifeless. Spruce up your bathroom by bringing the outside in. Add a few plants that can withstand high humidity and low light environment.

Plants like ferns, peace lilies and orchids love humidity. They can also help purify the air in your bathroom and inject fresh oxygen, boosting the relaxing effects of your bathroom.

Breathe in wonderful aromas. Our sense of smell is connected to the emotional centre of our brain. Just a hint of scent or an overpowering perfume can send us on a torrent of feelings or remind us of a particular memory.

Calming scents can help reduce our anxiety and stress. Chamomile, chocolate, cinnamon, coconut, lavender, pine and tangerine are just some of the incredible scents you can whiff through aroma diffusers, incense, candles or essential oil burners.

Bring natural light in. Natural light is easy to the eyes and comforting to the spirit. Fluorescent light can be overwhelming and make you feel tired.

Installing a big window in your bathroom is a great way to let the sunshine in. Light coloured surfaces can help bounce natural light around your bathroom. Glass shower panels can reflect light into your room. Walls painted with light neutral colours can also add colour to your private space without overshadowing it.

At night, you can light a few scented candles to light up the room or release wonderful aromas while you are taking a bath. You can also install wall lights or dimmer switches to set the perfect mood.

Enhance your bath or shower experience. You can choose a selection of wonderfully scented soaps, shampoo and bath bombs that you can use and display. You can match their colours with the colour scheme of your bathroom. You don’t have to display the entire set: you can show a few bottles that you frequently use.

If you love to take long baths, a bath pillow is a great additional luxury you can always opt for.

Listen to mellow music. Studies have shown that music can boost our positive emotions by stimulating our brain to release the hormone dopamine. Music can reduce your anxiety or stress and make you feel happy.

To reap the benefits of mellow music, you can install speakers in your ceiling, buy a waterproof radio or simply use your smartphone to play your favourite stress-busting playlist.

Maximise your available space. A messy bathroom filled with clutter can send your stress levels through the roof. To keep this from happening, you have to place your focus on using your space wisely through storage.

To keep your bathroom looking fresh and clean, keep bottles of shampoos or shower gels away from sight. Put just a few towels out and keep the rest inside your drawers. Laundry baskets and waste bins should be cleared regularly. To store your items neatly, you can use a vanity unit too.

Always keep in mind that the key to a relaxing bathroom is to minimise unnecessary clutter and clear away any mess.

Select the right kind of furniture. Classic and elegant items can complement your bathroom if they are styled in a simple way. Fittings with modern designs can also work because they are compact in nature and have a polished look.

Depending on your setting, a classic or contemporary toilet and basin is recommended. You can also install a bathtub where you can dip in and soak your stress away. If a bathtub is not an option for you, you can install a shower tower with settings for steam and body jets.

If you just want to give your bathroom a new look, you can simply replace your out-of-date fixtures and cracked tiles instead of doing a complete overhaul.

New bathroom styles

Whether you decide to move or improve your bathroom, knowing which style would suit your preference could be a great benefit. There are many bathroom styles that can reflect your personality and style. Let’s take a look at some styles from where you can draw your inspiration from.

  • Art Deco. This is a style which combines architecture, design and visual arts. Most Art Deco bathrooms use marble on the floors and walls. If you opt for tiles, go for rich green, navy, black or white shades. Choose bold geometric patterns to create an eye-catching space. If you want a cheaper alternative to tiles, you can choose a wallpaper that can withstand an environment with high humidity and moisture.
  • Asian. This style uses natural materials like wood and stone to bring the outside elements in. You can also add elements like plants, flowers, rock gardens and other natural features.
  • Contemporary. This is a combination of different styles. It borrows elements from modernism, postmodernism, futurism, deconstructivism and even art deco.
  • Eclectic. If you prefer a space where you can splash your own creativity and add anything you want, you can go for the eclectic style. To keep your space from looking too cluttered or messy, choose the right colours and contrasts for your walls, furniture and fixtures. Aside from colour, you can also play with various materials and textures to create a unique look.
  • Industrial. This style uses simple and practical spaces which gives focus on rough finishes, rugged fixtures and raw materials, drawing inspiration from warehouses and factories.
  • Minimalist. This style focuses on the ‘less is more’ concept, allowing your bathroom to have an open space that is free from clutter. Bathroom items are usually hidden from plain view using drawers or shelves.
  • Modern. This style focuses on streamlined designs and distinct horizontal lines, drawing your eyes to focus on the architecture.
  • Scandinavian. This style is recognisable for its use of natural materials, neutral colours, clean lines and personal accents.
  • Traditional Japanese. Just like the Asian style, traditional Japanese relies on natural materials like wood and stone. It utilises an open flow design which can maximise any space and make you feel like you’re in Tokyo.
  • Transitional. If you like to combine contemporary and traditional elements, this is the style you should go for.
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