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Four amazing years of providing heating and plumbing in Swindon

CentraHeat team Swindon

Looking back over the last 4 years I feel extremely proud of what my team at CentraHeat has achieved.

I started out in Heating & Plumbing over fifteen years ago. After my youngest daughter was born in 2010 I decided to go self-employed and launched CentraHeat, providing heating & plumbing in Swindon. My primary goal was to provide an unrivalled personal and affordable service superior to other Heating & Plumbing companies in the area. After a few months of being inundated with enquiries I took on my first apprentice and became a limited company.

Our team has continue to grow, from me on my own in the van and using the garage as an office,  to a current head count of 9 employees offering Heating, Plumbing, Gas, Oil and Renewable solutions across Swindon, Wiltshire and beyond! We’ve worked on many exciting projects over the years, most recently the Freedog Trampoline Centre in Kembrey, Swindon and we look forward to what exciting challenges come our way for the remainder of 2015!

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