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FAQs about your boiler


How often should I replace my boiler?

On average, boilers should be replaced every fifteen years, with some older models able to keep working for longer than this, if necessary. This is not an unexpected statement; older early boilers were made to last lifetimes and can go for longer than more modern appliances which are designed to be replaced at regular intervals.

However, older boilers are often not as efficient as more modern boilers, and they can also be noisy and bulky while modern boilers are small and compactly designed, fitting into a much smaller space, heating water quicker and making much less noise. Older boilers will not have the good energy rating of newer ones, and you will find that the cost of any new boiler will quickly pay for itself with lower energy bills.

How often should I service my boiler?

Every boiler should be serviced within twelve months of installation to ensure it is working properly, and then every twelve months following this. A good boiler service should take about forty-five minutes to an hour and will check that the gas and water are both flowing well and that there are no blockages or weaknesses in the pipes. The controls, internal connections and safety devices will also be tested to ensure that everything is working properly.

If you have a landlord, it is the law that he or she arrange for a boiler service to be undertaken every year. If you own your property, it is up to you to arrange for the service to be undertaken. Do not be tempted to leave a long time between services, not only is this an unsafe practice for you and everyone else in the home, but it might invalidate your home insurances. It is probably cheaper, in the long term, to have an annual service, rather than risk the boiler malfunctioning at some point in the future.

Who can service my boiler?

Your boiler service must be undertaken by a Gas Safe Registered engineer. This is a vital qualification for anyone who wants to work with gas installations, and the penalties can be severe, including substantial prison time and large fines, especially if the work leaves the occupants of the home in danger.
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