Everything you need to know about Smart Thermostats


Smart thermostats are growing increasingly popular as a part of the internet of things – a series of interconnected devices designed to make everyday life that bit easier. But what do you need to know about smart thermostats, and should you get one?

What is a Smart Thermostat?

A smart thermostat is like any other thermostat; it controls the heating in your home. A smart thermostat, however, differs by adding connectivity, allowing it to be controlled by your tablet/mobile device, even when you’re not at home.

What does it do?

A smart thermostat offers a range of functionalities compared to normal thermostats. Firstly, they can be remotely activated – for example, you can set it to start fifteen minutes before you get home, so the place is warm by the time you arrive.
There’s a large number of options for customising the way you heat your home – scheduling, heating room by room, and motion detection to stop you heating an empty house, to name just a few. The system can also learn your habits over time.

Smart thermostats offer an infinite array of functionality, depending on the make and the model that you choose.

Do you need one?

To understand if you need a smart thermostat, consider the benefits and see if they appeal to you.
The first benefit is that you can save money. By only using the energy you really need, you’ll save money on your energy bills. Over time, the system will learn the optimum methods and temperatures of heating your home without using excess energy, which also makes them a more environmentally friendly option as well.
Then there’s the sheer convenience – you can schedule and configure your smart thermostat around your life!
To learn more about how a smart thermostat could be right for you, or to get a quote for installation, contact CentraHeat today.
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