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Essential Information You Should Know About Plumbing


Many homeowners don’t pay attention to their plumbing and believe that it will continue to work without any maintenance. To avoid any plumbing problems or to assure you get the most for your money when calling a professional plumber, here are some essential things that you as a homeowner should know about your plumbing system.

How to shut off your water

The main water shut off valve is normally either under you kitchen sink or near your water heater. Once you found the valve, slowly turn the nozzle clockwise until you can no longer do so and it will shut the water off.

Where each plumbing fixture’s shut off valve is

Walk around your house and locate each of these valves because every sink and toilet insider your house has its own shut off valve where you can turn off all the water supply to that individual fixture. In case your toilet or sink overflows in any situation, it’s better to know how to properly turn off you valves.

What your water pressure is

The number one cause of many water leaks in your property is high water pressure. Make sure that your water pressure is under 80 PSI or lower. Homeowners should know if their water heater’s pressure and temperature relief valve are working properly. For less than a few pounds you can purchase your own, easy to use water pressure gauge at your local hardware store or you can call and ask your local water company what you water system pressure is.

What your pipes look like

If you regularly inspect your pipes, you will spot a problem in your plumbing before it becomes an emergency. If your discover drops of water, it’s already time to call a plumber to fix it right away.

Know how to shut off the gas

In case you smell gas insider you house, immediately shut off all gas appliances and immediately call you gas supplier to fix the problem.

How to read your water meter

Start keeping a regular track of your water readings or bills, so you can easily identify leaks by noticing any unexpected increases in your bill that can’t be explained. If you know how to read your water meter, you can monitor and ensure that you are being billed according to your usage. If you are not sure of how to read your bill or meter, you can contact you local water company who can help you.

When it comes to learning and understanding your plumbing, you don’t have to do it alone. The professional at CentraHeat will help you find and fix problems before they become big. Just give us a call at 01793 878 636 or send us an email

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