Signs you might need a plumber


A plumber provides a wide range of services relating to the water or heating systems of your premises. Here are some common signs that you might need to call out a plumber.

Slow drainage of water

When water is slow to drain down a sink, it can often be remedied with a plunger or shop-bought solutions. But if these don’t do the trick you might need to call a plumber out. In some cases, this problem can relate to blockages further down the pipes, or even a problem with the pipes themselves.


A dripping tap or shower might seem like a minor issue, but it could signal a wider problem such as a crack in the pipework. Even still, just 10 drips per minute can generate an extra 500 gallons of water each year – not good news if you’re on a paid water meter. Never brush a dripping water source to one side; call out a plumber instead.

Hot water issues

If your hot water tank isn’t providing you with the amount of hot water it should do, something could be amiss. While it might be as simple as the pilot light going, more complicated issues such as a leak warrant immediate attention from a qualified plumber.

Toilet troubles

Common plumbing problems often relate to faulty toilet systems, so if yours is constantly running, makes a funny noise when it’s flushed or you have difficulties with the flush, get a plumber to take a look. It might need to have some parts replaced.

Unpleasant smell

It’s not just visible signs, such as water leaks, low water pressure or no hot water that signal a plumber’s expertise is needed. Sometimes, an unpleasant sewage-like odour can indicate that your plumbing system needs some professional attention. Try to identify the source of the smell, including whether it’s coming from inside or outside, and in which area. This will make it easier for a plumber to diagnose the problem. Often, a smell of sewage is a sign that drains have clogged up, or they require ventilation.

If you think you may be in need of a plumber, contact us at CentraHeat today and we can help!

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