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Looking to reduce your energy bills and help the environment

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How could you contribute to the most perfect solution towards tackling Climate Change? – perfect in the sense that you would be using renewable energy at a lower cost than what you pay for energy provided by fossil fuels.

Naturally, when you consume less power, you conserve more and reduce the amount of toxic fumes released. That also means protecting the Earth’s ecosystems. By reducing your energy intake, you can contribute to a cleaner, healthier, happier planet.

There are a number of ways of acting to reduce your energy consumption in the home. Here though we focus on saving money by switching your energy company to one that invests in renewables. Remarkably, wind power is now cheaper than nuclear. Far-sighted government policy is coming to fruition. The cost of offshore wind energy has halved in less than two years. By the 2020s, it will be as cheap, or cheaper, than any other form of power generation.

Something of a revolution is going on and waiting for you to join.

So where do you find one of the new breed of energy companies?

There is an online entity that will do all the work for you finding a company and saving you money to boot. The Big Deal at

The Big Deal depends on people power i.e. they use the collective bargaining power of 400,000 homes across Britain to negotiate special offers on gas and electricity, including from renewable energy services.

This is how it works:

You sign up online, filling out a simple questionnaire, which you can complete in two minutes. Once done, you won’t have to fill in any more forms ever again.

The Big Deal’s energy experts do all the boring stuff of analysing every deal from every energy company, promising to find you a great deal. You’re notified of the deal and the company details and they then make the switch, taking care of everything.

When your new deal ends, they will switch you again without you having to do anything.

The service is and they promise always will be free.

They only switch you if they can save you at least £50.

They promise to only switch you to energy companies that they trust.

If you don’t like the deal they’ve sourced, you can opt out.


Plus, you aren’t charged for the service. The Big Deal makes its money by taking £25 in commission per fuel (£50 for a dual fuel switch) for each of its members who switch to their exclusive deals.

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