How You Can Reduce Carbon Footprint Through HVAC

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Carbon footprint is often associated with automobile emissions and industrial pollution. But did you know that your house’s heating and air conditioning majorly contribute to your carbon footprint?

Home heating and cooling account for a large portion of your energy consumption and a considerable amount of your carbon footprint. This guide will list five ways to reduce carbon footprint through your HVAC systems.

How to Reduce Carbon Footprint

Upgrade to a smart thermostat

Inefficient manual thermostats waste energy and harm the environment. As a result, you pay more to cool and heat your home than what’s necessary. Reducing carbon footprint can be achieved using a smart thermostat.

Using a smart thermostat, you can adjust your home’s temperature remotely to save energy. It’s equipped with motion detectors that determine whether you are at home, asleep, active or away. Moreover, it can send detailed energy consumption reports and tips.

You can adjust your thermostat by just two degrees from your comfort level (a two-degree drop in winter and a two-degree increase in summer). The difference won’t be noticeable, but 2,000lbs will reduce your carbon footprint.

Change your filters

Having clogged filters makes your HVAC system use more energy than usual. In contrast, keeping your filters clean allows your system to function correctly and decreases the risk of breakdowns.

Seal ductwork leaks

As each season changes, inspect any unsealed areas. Heating and cooling costs can rise with air leaks and unsealed windows. An average home loses 20% to 30% of its conditioned air due to leaks in its ductwork. Keep your wallet and the earth happy by checking your system for holes and poor connections.

Invest in newer systems

Newer heating and cooling systems are more efficient than older systems that are ten years old or higher. A new, higher-efficiency system might cost a bit more initially, but you can save plenty of money in the long run.

Schedule routine maintenance

Your boiler, heat pump or geothermal system can perform at its best when it receives annual maintenance.

Reduce Carbon Footprint with the Help of Pros

Make an appointment with Centraheat today to inspect and maintain your heating system.

Want to upgrade your HVAC to one that is more energy efficient? At Centraheat, besides finding you the most suitable heating and cooling system, we also consider energy efficiency and impact on the environment. Consult with our expert team today.

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