Central heating myths


Summer is finally upon us, which can only mean good news for our energy bills. However, this is England we’re talking about, so there’s always going to be a handful of days where we are forced to admit defeat and turn the heating on.

However, there are many central-heating myths that we feel the need to debunk.

Turning up the thermostat heats the room quicker

Over a third of people have admitted to turning their room thermostat up when they want the room to heat up quicker. However, this actually has no effect on how quickly a room heats up and only heats the home to a warmer temperature instead.

To stop you running out, keep your water heater on all day

Your hot water tank should be properly insulated for maximum effect and if so, water heated for half an hour in the morning will last until at least midday. It’s advisable to set your water to come on for half-an-hour before you shower.

You should leave the heating on low constantly

Many people think that it is more efficient to leave the heating turned on at a low temperature constantly, rather than turning it on and off, but this is not the case. Leaving the heating on low constantly means that homes are heated even when the house is empty, and then too cold when people are home.

Turning down individual radiators will reduce bills

This is another huge myth when it comes to central heating. Radiators will continue to work until the room reaches the set temperature of the thermostat. If you do wish to save money, simply turn off radiators in the rooms you aren’t using. The radiators of your main rooms should be kept heated as living in a cold house can be bad for your health, regardless of how much money it saves you.

Turn the heating up during colder temperatures

A lot of homeowners turn the thermostat up a notch when it’s cold outside, however, this is unnecessary. A thermostat is simply there to maintain the internal temperature of the home, regardless of the weather outside.

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