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Boiler repair: know what you’re paying for

boiler repair and servicing by CentraHeat in Swindon

It doesn’t matter what kind of boiler you have, when it comes to boiler repairs what’s important is the expertise of the technician carrying out the job. The standard boiler checks are always the same to identify the problem you’re having and yes even if you know what’s wrong or you Googled it, we still need to check!

One of the biggest complaints we hear from customers enquiring about repairs is that they had cover or used another service provider, only to end up with a further breakdown or repair need shortly after. While this isn’t always the fault of the contractor and can be due to the quality of parts used or the overall health and performance of your boiler, it’s always worth knowing what you’re paying for, so things can get back to normal as quickly as possible.

An overview of the system

Your technician should do a full inspection of your boiler, starting with a visual check of the outside, flame and then the internal parts. This involves removing the casing, so make sure this actually happens! The boiler should then be fired up safely to check for faults. This alone should identify the issue. You should then be given a full diagnostic in the form of a clearly written report which tells you exactly what the issue is. If you’re not covered by the company or contractor doing the repair, you’re under no obligation to have the repair work completed by them, should you wish to shop around. This overview should also include how much they expect the repair to cost. You can use this as a gauge and find out what the average cost is in your local area.

Shop local and ditch the cover

While many people source their boiler cover from their home insurer, cover for this kind of thing is often the chicken and the egg scenario. Most take it out on the off-chance they might need it, few remember to check the price of it over the years and only when they use it do they realise how much they still get charged despite their monthly payments. It’s better to shop with local companies, as you can get a clear picture from their website, reviews and referrals.

They often offer inclusive services, such as maintenance, and their prices are often lower when it comes to parts and labour due to holding closer relationships with favoured premium suppliers. The difference being that if smaller companies mess people around, it doesn’t take long for word to travel locally.

When it comes to getting a repair, make sure you spend your money wisely and do your research.

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