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Digging Up 8 Tips to Saving Money on Your Utility Bills Using Your Garden

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You may have heard the old adage, ‘Don’t plant an apple tree next to your house if you don’t want apples dropping on your head!’ Well, it turns out that there are many ways in which gardening can help save money. Yes, it is true! With all the time spent tending to a garden, there are numerous opportunities for earning extra cash or saving hard-earned money. These eight tips will save you money and energy through the use of your garden.

8 Tips to Save on Utility Bills

1. Start sowing seeds

There are a number of ways to avoid spending money on plants (which can be quite expensive). One of these is planting seeds. Check with local nurseries if you are looking for something specific, such as strawberries or tomatoes.

2. Utilise LED or solar lighting

Leaving garden lights on all night may look attractive, but it may result in a high electric bill. What are the best ways to save on electricity at home? There are several types of garden lights available, including solar and LED lights. As compared to halogen bulbs, LED lights to consume approximately 90% less energy. In addition, solar lights provide an affordable and hassle-free option for lighting up your garden.

3. Optimise greenhouse heating

A thermostat-controlled heater is an essential part of your greenhouse. It is recommended that you turn yours off as soon as it gets warm if it is not equipped with a thermostat or set a timer instead. It can also reduce your greenhouse’s energy costs by improving its insulation.

4. Go for electric heaters

Compared to a gas heater, an electric outdoor heater requires less space and is more energy-efficient. The only requirement for electric heaters is an electrical outlet, so refilling is not necessary. Additionally, they contribute to a cleaner environment.

5. Choose plants that can withstand drought

You can also save money by choosing plants that require less water. Plants such as shrubs, perennials, and conifers require little water, making them ideal for those seeking to save money.

6. Don’t overdo it with the pressure washer

With a pressure washer, you can easily clean patio furniture and garden patios. However, you should refrain from using it too frequently. In addition to their high cost, they consume a considerable amount of water. In order to reduce your expenses, it is advisable to clean your garden with a bucket and sponge rather than using a power washer.

7. Consider your tree placement

It is possible to reduce the energy consumption of a household by 25% through the placement of trees. Having large trees in your garden acts as a natural windbreaker. This will result in fewer drafts and reduced heating costs.

8. Invest in a fence

In addition to blocking the wind around your property, a tall fence can also help keep the temperature down. It may be a good idea to invest in a fence if you are constantly reaching for the thermostat. The proper type of fence is able to block the wind and protect plants from damage caused by the wind.

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