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6 Signs Your Toilet Is About to Break

a plumber fixing the toilet

If you’ve got a toilet that is showing signs of wear, you’ll need to call in the experts to make sure it doesn’t break. There are a few warning signs to look out for, as well as some preventative measures you can take. See this article for the details.

How to Tell if Your Toilet Needs Replacing?

The average life expectancy of a toilet is around 15 years. With over a decade of use, you’ll inevitably have to replace it due to wear and tear. Here are some signs that it may need to be replaced:

1. Clogging

There are various reasons for frequent clogging. It may be because the toilet is an old model or there are clogging issues in the toilet trap, vent or sewer line.

A clogged toilet, when left unfixed, can cause other home problems. It can damage your pipes and attract pests and mould due to excessive moisture or stagnant water.

2. Surface damage and cracks

A toilet with surface damage can be a cause for concern. Over time, your toilet can sustain scratches and cracks, which can lead to problems such as leaks. Leaking can cause surfaces to rot, worsening the issue and resulting in costs that add up.

3. Issues with flushing

Your toilet may have trouble flushing due to various factors. It may be due to a faulty handle and chain. In this case, you’ll typically only have to make sure that the chain is connected or that the nut securing the handle is tightened properly. However, if you’re experiencing slow flushing, it may be because of damaged or worn-out parts, which will need replacing.

4. Whistling sounds and foul odours

A whistling sound may be due to damaged toilet parts, such as a broken flapper, float or valve, which can lead to leaks. Meanwhile, foul odours may be a result of clogging, damaged seal or cracks.

5. Mineral build-up

Mineral build-up disrupts the flow of toilet water. This can cause clogs and weak flushing, making your bathroom trips frustrating and inefficient.

6. Too many repairs

If you find that you’re making too many repairs, it may be time to replace your old toilet with a new one. Repair costs can add up over time, making replacement a possibly more cost-effective option in the long run.

Preventative Measures and Tips

  •       Avoid flushing non-flushable items such as paper towels and tissues down your toilet
  •       Keep the toilet lid closed when not in use
  •       Make regular cleaning and periodic inspections a habit
  •       Keep a close eye for early warning signs

At the first sign of plumbing trouble, it’s best to call a professional plumber. At Centraheat, our team of experts can help you find solutions to your plumbing issues.

Never ignore a clogged toilet or one with leaks. For emergency plumbing services, call us at 01793 878 636.

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