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Are you fed up with the way your kitchen looks? Is it in serious need of a revamp or a complete refurbishment? If you want to cheer things up or get the most out of your kitchen furniture and fittings before you spend on a renovation, how about these suggestions?

Are your cabinet doors looking worse for wear? You might not know it, but you can buy specialist kitchen cupboard paint. First, remove all the knobs and handles and all the contents of your cupboards and drawers. Cover hinges and glass with masking tape and lay down dust sheets. Then wash your cabinets down with sugar soap and a strong detergent solution to remove any grease. Wipe down with a damp cloth, then sand back with fine-grade sandpaper (unless your cabinets have a high gloss finish). Fill any imperfections with Polyfilla, then paint using a small roller. You’ll end up with fresh easy-to-clean cabinets. For a fraction of the cost of replacing them. And you can choose from a whole range of paint colours.

You might then decide rather than reattach your old knobs and handles to swap them for something more contemporary and sleek. Brass maybe?

While you’re wearing the paint overalls, here’s the opportunity to freshen things up on a bigger scale. Paint the walls a colour that complements the one you used on your refreshed cabinets.

If you’re looking for a way to gain more storage space, think how you can achieve that with your existing cabinets. Purchase graduated shelving inserts, dividers, or an in-cabinet lazy Susan. Or, if you have expanses of bare wall in your kitchen, how about making a statement with open shelving? Show off your beautiful glassware, your crockery and your prized and colourful cookbooks. Go for sculptural or minimal brackets to complete the effect.

Cosmetic can get you by too. If you have a bench top that is showing signs of wear, buy yourself an oversized cutting board or a slab of marble that will cover it up. At least until you’re ready to fully renovate. Or you can achieve soft under-cabinet lighting, including LED battery-operated versions that just stick on.

If you’re local to us and you need any plumbing work done to a professional standard while you’re reconditioning your kitchen, do give us a call. We are a reputable team of plumbers in Swindon with many years of experience and expertise.


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