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CentraHeat Care Plans

Dealing with unexpected boiler issues can be extremely problematic; no-one likes to be without heating, especially over the winter months.

That’s why here at Centraheat we are offering a wide range of different, affordable boiler servicing plans that ensure you don’t have to endure chaotic, long-term inconvenience caused by boiler malfunction. With the plans that we offer here at Centraheat, we can guarantee your peace of mind when it comes to your boiler and central heating.

With our annual boiler service plans, you can secure your family’s heating supply all year round and rest easy in the knowledge that if anything happens, we’ve got it sorted. Starting from just £7.50 per month for new boiler systems, our range of care packages can provide a wide array of support for all parts of the heating system within your home.

Ranging from basic care for your home, to our complete care package, which does what it says on the tin, we here at Centraheat pride ourselves on our level of commitment to ensuring that your home is heated effectively and efficiently all year round. What’s more, our Centraheat Care Plans can provide you guarantees and benefits, such as:

  • Discounted labour costs on any necessary work on your heating system
  • Regular services to ensure that your boiler and central heating are in full working order, and thus saving you from the unnecessary expenditure of repairing or replacing your heating system
  • No surprise repair bills if any work is required on your heating system, which when paired with our regular service guarantee, ensures that your heating system will be functioning effectively and efficiently all year round
  • Priority call-outs to all customers, ensuring that you never have to spend a second more than absolutely necessary waiting for your heating system to be repaired
  • 24/7 emergency call-outs for all our customers, ensuring that in the event of an emergency, we’ll be there any time of day or night, all year round, to fix your heating system as soon as possible

Frequently Asked Questions

Annual Service Agreement including repairs

We will complete your Annual Boiler Service as per the contract and complete repairs to your system depending on the package you choose.

Service Plus – We will service your boiler and offer a priority chargeable call out service at a discounted rate.

System careThis is ideal when your boiler is in guarantee. We service your boiler and repair the central heating system at our expense. Should you develop any leaks or faults throughout the year on your guaranteed boiler, we will cover the costs. Customers are notified at the end of the warranty and we will then increase the cover to complete care.

Hot and cold water or gas pipework are not covered on this plan.

Boiler careThis covers repairs to your boiler and the controls, but not your radiators (or hot water tank if you have one). The controller, timer, pump and motorized valves are included. Should you have any pipe work or radiator issues we can still attend but would charge for the repair.

System Care Plus – See complete care without the hot, cold and gas pipes included

Complete careThis is the same as system care and boiler combined. We will carry out repairs to the boiler, all the controls, the radiators and pipework for total peace of mind.

Includes hot, cold water and gas pipework.

Gas Safety Inspection (CP12) If a property is rented you will need a gas safety inspection to meet your legal obligation.

Gas Fire Service/Back Boiler UnitsAn additional cost to cover the fire service. No repairs are included.

LPG/Oil Systems An additional cost to cover the increased service/parts costs for this type of system.

Legionella – As an extra service offered to rental properties this covers the landlords obligation to have a risk assessment completed annually.

We are committed to offering our customers the best value for money, and as such our team will often recommend the appropriate service plan.

We do not offer insurance. Our Service agreements cover your annual service/gas safety inspection, with free repairs throughout the year based on the pack

Gas Safety Inspection

Gas Fire Service

–                  £2.00 per month

–                  £4.00 per month

Oil systems

LPG systems

–    £4 per month

–   £2.50 per month

Back boiler units –            £2.00 per month


Call today to discuss the plan for you on 01793 878636

If your boiler is still covered by the manufacturer’s warranty, we have packages suited to you. Our System Care package is the most suitable, starting at £15.50 per month. If you’re still unsure which package to choose, get in touch with a member of our team.

Download a copy of our Team Centra care plans now!

CentraHeat Care Plans

  • Monthly Price

  • Service Plus

  • £7.50

    per month

  • System Care

  • £15.50

    per month

  • Boiler Care

  • £17.99

    per month

  • System Care Plus

  • £22.99

    per month

  • Complete Care

  • £29.50

    per month